Riding Coast to Coast

Posted at 7:45 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 21:47:04-04

As the weather warms up many people are getting out their bicycles, but for one trio including a former Idaho Vandal the ride will be one that they won’t forget and will last all summer.

The journey for the three riders began in bend Oregon and will stretch over 3500 miles all on a saddle on a seat post connected with gear on the back of their bike.

"As much as the climbs, hail and sleet that we have encountered Its really good to just pop your head up and remind yourself I’m not doing this if I'm not enjoying it then why am I doing this,” said Katie Ford, Cyclist.

The trip will take around 61 days and they look to finish up in Charleston, South Carolina.  Along the way it hasn't all been a bed of roses as Katie has had the most flat tires, but all in all say’s it's been a rewarding trip.

"People are really really generous they just want to encourage and vicarious send a positive message and prayers and which given us encouragement along the way,” said, Ford.

For lodging, the duo has camped out in the wilderness, slept at friends homes and even used hostiles, but for the opportunity to build friendships and see new sights along the way was reason enough to just ride.

"I would always see people biking and touring and as painful and crazy as it looked it was something appealing to head coast to coast for myself,” said, Ford.

American Actress Mae West once said quote you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough, and to have an adventure of cross-country cycling it will be something that they will cherish forever.

"Society really tells us to run and it's kinda like well it's easy to miss a lot of things,” said, Ford.

The bikers left this morning around 10 am out of Boise and expect to be near Camas Reservoir this evening off of Highway 20 to camp.