Projected NFL QB will play in Boise Saturday

Posted at 9:36 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 01:07:27-04



Saturday night at Albertson's Stadium you will get to see a quarterback in Josh Allen that at the beginning of the season was projected to be the number one overall draft pick in this year's NFL draft.

Allen will be the second quarterback that Wyoming’s head coach Craig Bohl has been able to develop for the pro level.

In 2016 Carson Wentz was drafted as the 2nd overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was coached by Bohl at North Dakota State.

Allen's draft stock has dipped a little bit this year.  However, Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin still gives plenty of props to Coach Bohl but hopes he won't have to face quarterbacks like Allen in the future.

"He has done a good job.  Carson Wentz the way he is playing right now he is the guy that people are looking at.  He has coached some really good quarterbacks," said Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

It wasn't all peaches and cream for the Broncos after their win against the Aztecs on Saturday.  As the travel conditions for the team weren't ideal.  The team arrived back into Boise just after 5:00 am Sunday morning.

It was due to a noise ordinance rule in San Diego with the airport being so close to downtown businesses and neighborhoods that prevents planes from taking off after 11:30 PM.

The team had to travel north two hours to Ontario to fly back to Boise.

"That's a tough one as far as when you play at San Diego State when you're going to play that late, there have to be some exceptions.  We always try and get home and get out of there and get back in here (Boise) and start prepping and getting ready," said Head Coach Bryan Harsin.