One Barbers Mission to help the homeless

Posted at 10:14 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 20:32:27-04

A hair cut for some can be a simple purchase but for others, it can be a decision of putting food on the table or saving that extra money.

For one Boise Barber, she is truly making a difference in people's lives, the best way she knows how: by offering free haircuts to homeless people in downtown Boise.

"You know what I've always wanted to give back and this is the best way to give back.  Everyone needs one it's just coming from the heart," said, Carmen the Barber.

Carmen the Barber likes cutting hair and helping people.  So on a recent day off, she decided to combine the two -- and offer her services to the homeless.  What started out as single haircut turned into dozens of trims for those in need.

"You look good you go to the mirror I'm proud of what I see I can go on with my business now and do what I gotta do,” said, haircut recipient Kayla Monsoor.

Carmen is in the business of making people look and feel good, but one of the unexpected results of her work is how good it makes Carmen feel.

"My family we just love to give back that's just the best we can do give back to one another in whatever situation it is if you are high or low in life, either way, you gotta give back," said, Carmen.

Steven has a had it rough lately unable to find work and struggling to help find food for his two children and his wife.  A good free haircut, he said, is appreciated.

"With my family right now we have no transportation.  The tires are blown, the streets are hard lots of problems I don't what to do or where to turn with food and stuff like that.  This will help out in the long run for people down here that want a haircut," said, haircut recipient Steven Christianson.

The haircuts were an informal process with no appointments or consultations. It was just a way to give someone a boost. 

"People in need should have the same respect as we do and it could change a person's day cause you never know they could get a job from it," said, Carmen's son Dezmond Lopez.

"One simple haircut will make you feel like you can take over the world and that's what I like to do.  That's what I want to push and offer cause that's really all it takes is confidence, confidence is key and that's just what everyone needs," said, Carmen.

Now I was only there for 2 hours but Carmen kept offering free haircuts until she made a list of people that she will help give a haircut next weekend.

She also passed out toiletry items with toothpaste mouth wash socks to just some extra help.

For her it's not about money it's about helping others feel good about themselves as every individual is equal to the next.