New coach, new perspective at Hawaii

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 00:35:31-04

Hawaii's new head coach isn't afraid to mix in a little bit of fun as the team works hard to return the program to its former heights.  Nick Rolovich is embracing the task and bringing his team together through hard work, social media and even a few water guns.

Rolovich, a former starting quarterback for the Rainbow Warriors, is regarded as a top offensive mind in the country following stints as the offensive coordinator at the University of Nevada and a previous stop at the University of Hawaii, but it's not just his game plans bringing his team together, his fun-loving personality is motivating his team on and off the field.

"He really has a love for the game.  He has a special place in his heart for Hawaii football and he conveys it day in and day out how much he loves it and how fortunate we are to be a part of that.  He always tells us you're playing for so much more than just ourselves," said defensive back Daniel Lewis.

"I like to keep them on their toes, I like to be spontaneous and creative and find ways for this team to really kind of bond," Rolovich said.

Rolovich turns to social media to inspire his players using Twitter to share motivational quotes and funny anecdotes.

He also has creative ways to help his players let loose.

"What is he doing calling us in on our day off?  He's going to be late for the meeting, he shows up, helmet with no facemask with water guns, face paints and starts squirting us and runs off, he declares a water fight against the players and coaches.  That was definitely a fun event, definitely out of nowhere, spontaneous, that's the type of coach he is," Lewis said.

"It was fun throwing water balloons at some guys that didn't go to class or whatever, it was a good time," Rolovich said.

Even with all the fun the team is having they understand that work needs to be done to restore the Hawaii football tradition.

"It kind of reminds us, we know it's serious, we know it's football, more importantly you gotta have a good time and have fun," said quarterback Ikaika Woolsey.

"I think the mentality of how we play the game is important.  It's important, they want us, I've had fans tell me I don't care if you lose, don't let those boys give up, they embarrass us when they do that," Rolovich said.

Hawaii hosts Boise State on November 12th.