NCAA Tournament comes to Boise State in March

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 23:10:04-05



Just around the corner, the NCAA tournament will be making its way to Boise in March.

Boise State will host the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament and it will be the first time since 2009 the school has hosted the tournament.  The differences from the last the time the tournament was held are Taco Bell Arena will have a new jumbotron, lighting, and ribbon boards as well as a new court that will be played when tip-off arrives.

It's a major undertaking, but for Boise State, it's all worth it.

"It's one of those things it's a lot of work but it's really exciting to be able to show off Boise and the Boise community and bring some great basketball here, and have people come from all around quiet potentially from across the country.  It will be a lot of work but it will be a lot of fun as well," said Associate Athletic Director/Facilities, Operations, and Championships Bob Carney.

One other note the total cost for Boise State is around $550,000 dollars to host the tourney.  With that said the NCAA has committed to pay about $500,000 of the costs.  The difference can be made up of final budget numbers and ticket sales.