NCAA council recommends NIL policy and suspend amateurism rules

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 28, 2021

The NCAA is lurching toward a temporary solution for addressing name, image, and likeness compensation for athletes.

On Monday, the NCAA's Division I Council recommended that the Division I Board of Directors adopt an interim policy and suspend its amateurism rules related to names, images, and likeness (NIL).

The board is set to meet Wednesday.

If it is adopted, student-athletes would be able to engage in NIL activities consistent with the state's law where the school is located, which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas.

Those that do not attend a school in a state without a NIL law in place, they'll still be able to engage in those types of activities without violating NCAA rules related to NIL.

Student-athletes can also use a professional services provider for NIL activities and should report any NIL activities to their school.

The hyperlocal approach being considered would allow everyone to earn money off their fame starting July 1 without uniform national rules.

The NCAA had hoped for a national law from Congress that has not come, and its own rulemaking has been bogged down for months.

College sports leaders are instead moving toward the type of patchwork regulation they have been warning against for months.