Memorial Stadium becomes a work of art

Posted at 8:34 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 22:34:07-04

Baseball, America’s pastime has been around for generations and has grown a huge following.  For one fan of the game, he has made Memorial Stadium a canvas for his artwork.

From Little League to professional teams, baseball fans from all over Idaho have gathered at Memorial Stadium for years. It isn’t hard to see why the field is tended to with a lot of care, and it's all done by one man and his two sons.

“I just like to do a good job and teach the kids how to work, and you know it just never ends so what’s real nice is it’s seasonal.  So you can plan in the fall and implement it and you have to deal with the weather and the weather conditions and that’s kinda the main thing,”said Jeff Israel, Boise Hawks Field, and Stadium Superintendent.

The Retired veterinarian stopped caring for animals and started caring for the field as a hobby. But with time and age, he is starting to think about passing on some of his hours to his sons.

Jeff says that although caring for the field is a big change from being a veterinarian, he likes the differences.

“Kinda got burned out with the veterinary stuff I did it for 22 years and went back to it.  My heart wasn’t in it got out here I’m in the sunshine and more seasonal and just a little different deal and I like it,”said Israel.

Taking care of the field takes a lot of time and effort. Jeff says whoever does it after him needs to care as much care of it as he does.

“If we find someone else and train them but it’s not something you come in and do,”said, Israel.

Memorial Stadium will host the Eugene Emeralds Tuesday night.