Luciani Idaho's New Star

Posted at 10:49 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 00:49:04-05

He might not be the biggest man on the ice but for first year Steelhead, Anthony Luciani is already making a name.

Luciani is a jack of all trades player for Idaho, playing in twenty games this season it's his energy and enthusiasm that has his other teammates feeding off of him.  So far this year he’s put the circle in the square 6 times.

“He's a very dynamic hockey player nobody enjoys scoring goals more than Anthony Luciani.  You can see the excitement on his face when he scores a goal or one of his linemates scores a goal you know he is a true enthusiast,” said, Head Coach Neil Graham.

Hockey can be all about presentation when you’re on the ice, This season Luciani broke a tooth so he knows that for some this could be intimidating but does he scare himself when looks in the mirror?

“No absolutely not I don’t think so I was talking to my roommate Belgie do I look scary if I come at you, he just started laughing you kill me bud,” said, Forward Anthony Luciani.

He doesn’t let the tooth get him down as he makes up for it with style, being the sharpest dressed man on the ice.

“We have a couple of good looking dress guys here.  I’m right there so I don’t know about this tooth but there’s no tie show a little of the chest hair.” said, Luciani.

Luciani knows that he can’t play hockey forever and the young forward already has a backup plan -- You might just see him on the big screen as a Hollywood A-lister.

“Comedy, Romance, and Yeah I get the girl at the end,” said, Luciani.