Jeramiah Dickey starts his new role as Boise State's AD, "I'm so excited to get to work"

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 20:28:36-05

BOISE — The search for Boise State University's new athletic director has come to a close as Jeramiah Dickey, formerly Baylor's Associate Vice President for Intercollegiate athletics, had his first day on the job Monday, starting with an introductory press conference.

"I'm so excited to get to work," said Dickey.

"We were looking for integrity, character, blue-collar work ethic, which we heard a lot about with the process with him, somebody that was very student athlete-focused, extremely important to us someone that was visionary, that could take us to the next level,” said Randy Hales, search committee chair. "He shined in all of those."

Dickey said that Baylor is a special place and that it would take a certain opportunity to move him, and Boise was just that.

"The foundation is here. We will operate at an elite level. The student-athlete experience will matter. We will do it with integrity and character. These are common to what Boise has been and will be what we are moving forward,” said Dickey.

His first order of business, hire a new head football coach.

“This is maybe the most important decision I’ll make as an athletic director, and I am 48 hours in,” he said.

“Even though we know we need to move swiftly, we need to move deliberately, and with the process, so we want to make sure that we are thorough and thoughtful all along the way,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State University President.

Although he couldn't speak to a timeline on when the new coach will be announced, he's looking for someone with good character.

“How you treat people, team-first which we have talked about, the work ethic, the student-athlete experiences, the idea of turning boys into men those will always be some qualities I look for in a new coach," said Dickey.

It's still unclear if Boise State is actively trying to move out of the Mountain West Conference.

"It's an honor to be a part of that conference, but we will always look to what is best for Boise State, and we will always look to strive and grow,” said Dr. Tromp.

She said that they would look to Dickey for input on the matter as they move forward and he gets settled in.

To watch the full press conference, click here.