Is Vander Esch NFL Draft stock dropping?

Posted at 9:08 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 23:08:37-04



With the NFL draft just 10 days away from a new wrinkle for former Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch.  After wowing teams at the NFL Combine Vander Esch had climbed up some draft boards with hopes of becoming first round pick.  However, according to Charlie Campbell of, an old injury could hurt his chances.

Campbell is reporting that a neck injury that forced Vander Esch to miss seven games back in 2016 is still affecting him.  You wouldn't suspect it if you watched him play his senior year. Vander Esch was a factor in all 14 games -- recording 141 tackles and earning mountain west defensive player of the year.

 According to the report, Campbell says that some teams have removed him from their draft board.  Vander Esch's agent Ron Slavin has publically denied the report saying it's a nonconcern and the report is irresponsible.  It also worth noting that Chris Mortensen of ESPN has said some teams have flagged Vander Esch regarding his neck but not all necessarily removing from draft boards.

 The draft is set to begin next Thursday from the home of the Dallas Cowboys.