Idaho family is making a family tradition of Bam Jam

Posted at 7:17 PM, Aug 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-12 21:17:34-04

Bam Jam is in its 10th year of competition and for one Idaho family playing in the basketball tournament has truly become a family tradition in the making.  Chris Allen played college basketball at Lewis-Clark State in Lewiston, Idaho craving his own niche into the sport. 

Winning college championships along and several tournaments championships. He is now passing the torch to his sons Jayce and Jordan.

"For me I want them to do bigger and better things than I did and win more tournaments and go to high school and college.  For me, like I tell everybody else my motto is the only legacy I can leave on this planet is my kids and so hopefully they can continue that name on," said, former LCSC basketball player Chris Allen.

"I've gotten better over the years because he has pushed me.  It’s awesome because we have basketball in our blood and it's fun to play,” said, Bam Jam participant Jayce Allen.

Chris is unable to play anymore having multiple knee operations.  However, he is very much involved in the game of basketball teaching his two sons which have kept the passion of the sport alive.

“I pass on the things to them.  I'm hoping it will mold them the same way it did me," said, Chris Allen.

"When he is teaching you it's fun you get to learn more.  He knows a lot of about basketball as he has gone thru it and you get to do many things when he is coaching you," said, Bam Jam participant Jordan Allen.

Just like any child, Chris's sons have big aspirations of playing college hoops but if that doesn't work out the duo still has a back plan ready to go.

"One year me him (Chris) and my grandpa are going to play in the family bracket in hoop fest," said, Jayce Allen.

Win or lose the Allen family enjoys coming to Bam Jam each and every year, and when the brothers aren't taking to the court in downtown Boise they are playing locally in Caldwell for their club team Evolution who their father helps coach.