Heads up Football Clinic hits Boise State

Posted at 12:03 AM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 02:06:43-04

Heads Up Football made its way to Boise this morning to help promote a safer way of playing the game of football. Several Treasure Valley Coaches from the High School ranks all the way to the pee-wees received hands-on help to make youth football safer.

Fall football camp for several youth programs will begin next month in the Treasure Valley. Albertson’s Stadium came alive, hosting the “Heads Up” football clinic this morning. The coaches have thrown out the window the way they were taught to play the game and learned a new direction to advance player safety.

"Often times we fall into this philosophy that we know everything and it's all about the kids and the safety of the kids are paramount whether it's optimist, middle school, high school, or college and beyond and we need to be teaching the correct technique." said, Jon Watson the Head Coach of RST Optimist SR Football.

USA football helped guild coaches through a series of drills to reinforce proper tackling and blocking mechanics that focus on reducing helmet to helmet contact.  The program also taught education on concussion recognition and response.

“In the old days, you got a note said it was cleared and that was it.  Now there’s a process. It's a five-step process it's a good process,” Said Doug Bilodeeau, a USA Football Master Trainer.

With the new knowledge that the coaches received they will be able to monitor practices and games throughout the upcoming season, as well as teach others the proper way to play the game of football.

"They see that we're teaching proper technique ways to keep the game safer. Guess what? It increased numbers,” said Bilodeeau.

In several states, the Heads up Youth Football Safety Clinic is mandatory statewide, and the goal is to one day make it mandatory throughout the state of Idaho.