Harsin says changes have been made to the program

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 00:15:59-04

After the loss to Virginia Coach Harsin alluded there would be changes to the program moving forward. 

As to what those changes are it will be kept inside the walls of the football office.  

Coach Harsin did say that there have been some personal decisions and their practice plan has been altered to better fit their matchup with BYU. 

He also added that regardless if you win or lose there is always something to be corrected.

"I think everybody is looking when you lose there is going to be massive changes.  We make changes after we win because you go back and there is still execution and accountability that you want from your football team.  You may have won the play but nobody notices the three or four things that were wrong so you still need to go back to and execute better," said Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

Looking at the running game Coach Harsin is not pleased with the outcome of his tailbacks.  Against Virginia, the group finished with just 30 yards on the ground.  He blames the struggles on the rotation of the group.

The offensive line is still getting a groove with being so young but Coach Harsin says he expects the group to get better.

"It needs to be better we have to do a better job.  You gotta get guys in there that are going to carry the ball and be effective with it," said Harsin.

Heading into Friday's showdown with the Cougars the quarterback position is a big question mark for BYU.

For the third time in several weeks, BYU will have to decide who will be starting at quarterback.  They would like to have Eagle native Tanner Mangum start but that might be out of their control as he was wearing a boot on his left foot and was in street clothes in the Cougars seven turnover loss to Utah State. 

???????With that said whoever the Cougs throw out their coach Harsin says his team better be ready for a tough battle.

"We gotta be prepared defensively that different style but you gotta be ready against BYU that they are going to run the football they will do it whether they are going to run it between the tackles they will use their quarterback run game they are going to do something where they are physical."

One other note from Coach Harsin's press conference following his arrest for a DUI. Coach Harsin has suspended cornerback Michael Young from all team activities.

Coach Harsin said his discipline is being handled internally.