Gabe Perez Career with BSU is done due to an injury

Posted at 10:11 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 00:50:44-05


Senior linebacker Gabe Perez broke his wrist against Fresno State. He's out for the season and his career with Boise State is done and is having surgery today.  

Perez missed just five games in the past two years due to three shoulder surgeries. He finished his career with Boise State with 78 tackles and six sacks.

"Gabe has been awesome this year in what he has been able to do on the field really what he has been able to do as a leader and helping out with some of the young guys and things like that.

Gabe will be fine and guys will step up and we will be able to adjust and use some personal that we have had in the past this season." said defensive coordinator Andy Avalos.

A factor that has caused some major concern for the coach is when the Broncos have the ball on 4th down. Boise State is just 2 of 16 which is at the bottom of the barrel in the FBS.  Coach Harsin admits its area where the Broncos need serious improvement.

"When you are that pathetic yeah you manage the games differently you gotta execute on 4th downs it comes down to you have to make plays cause the guys on the field they want it and we certainly had a situation where we had a foot to go and we couldn't get a foot that's pretty bad," said Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos.