Former UFC Champ Miesha Tate in support of bringing back BSU Wrestling

Posted at 9:08 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 23:39:43-04

Since April 18th when Boise State decided to drop wrestling it has sent a shock wave thru the community as fans and athletes have shown their support to hopefully change Boise State’s President Bob Kustra to change his mind and bring back the sport.

First, it was UFC president Dana white who tweeted out on Monday to save Boise State wrestling.

Now former UFC Women's Champion Miesha Tate and former Boise State wrestler and current UFC fighter Johnny Nunez are adding to the support by being in Boise to support bringing back the wrestling program.

"I found it really disturbing the way that Bob Kustra the president of Boise State decided to just cut the program on a whim and didn't offer any explanations and still hasn't offered any explanations.  I feel like the community here is left with like a lot of questions and no answers," said former UFC Champion Miesha Tate.

Tate isn't alone as several hundred people were at a Save a Boise State rally at the Idaho State Board Education this past Saturday.  Tate who has nearly 800,000 followers on Twitter says the fight to help bring the program back is just beginning.

"For me, I have a large social media following and a lot of people really respect the fact that I was a successful female wrestler in high school.  I have something to say about this I reached out to Dana White I reached out to Tito Ortiz I've reached out to Matt Hughes and I've reached out to Randy Couture.  I’m trying to push everybody to have an awareness of just how wrong and just how disturbing the situation is," said Tate.

Six on your side reached out to President Bob Kustra office for comment and haven’t heard back. As of now, there has been no reversal of the decision by the school to return the program.