Former NFL QB Jake Plummer talks BSU Football

Posted at 8:53 PM, Jun 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-04 23:25:15-04

Jake Plummer who is arguably one of the best college and NFL quarterbacks to come out of the Treasure Valley was in town over the weekend for his Plummer challenge camp.

Though he isn't playing on the gridiron anymore the Boise native has been watching the Broncos success as well as his longtime friend and Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin.

Plummer and Harsin both went to Capital High School where Harsin played backup to Plummer, who eventually went on to star at Arizona State and play 10 seasons in the NFL.

Though his playing days are over his still paying attention to football and to his backup QB and what he is doing on the sidelines with Boise State.

"I think he is a great coach great guy first and foremost.  He's a funny dude a good friend we go way back to little league.  I'm just super happy for him to be here and what a great spot for him,” said, Former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer.

Coach Harsin is entering his 4th year with the Broncos and is coming off a 10 win season.  As usual, the Broncos will have high expectations and hopefully get back to the Mountain West Title game, where they have been absent since Harsin's first season.  However, if you ask Jake the Snake they don't need to worry and just play their game.

"There a great football team.  There one of the best programs in the country so the expectations are already there, just enjoy the ride is what I tell fans.  Enjoy the ride even if they lose enjoy it watch them bounce back,” said, Plummer.

Plummer also has high praise for Boise State's quarterback Brett Rypien.

"I really like his style I have seen him throw some amazing balls on time into some nice tight windows.  For him, like a lot of young quarterbacks, it's about cutting loose.  Let them play and not worry so much about making mistakes cause mistakes will be made.  I made a ton even at the pro level it's about how you bounce back from those mistakes,” said, Plummer.

Rypien is coming off a season where he threw for nearly 3400 hundred yards and had 20 touchdowns.  However, the past two seasons Rypien has thrown 8 interceptions.  With that said Plummer says Rypien needs to take chances when he is out on the field.

"If you never threw an interception that means that you didn't try I know that might go against a lot of coaching but as a player, you're the one pulling the trigger.  For him it's just pulling that trigger, trust your teammates if you throw three picks don't worry they will rally behind and you will pull out that win somehow hopefully," said, Plummer.