Former Bronco Richie Brockel staying busy

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jun 06, 2017

Former Boise State Bronco Richie Brockel was a force.During in his time on the blue suiting up at both tight end and fullback.  The Arizona native went on to play four seasons in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers.

Brockel played in 47 games with 22 starts at Boise State bringing home two Fiesta Bowl Titles and participated in a four-year run in which the Broncos went 49 and 4.

Even though Boise State hasn't won their conference since 2014 Brockel says he likes the way things are going.

"You know I think they are in a good position I had a great time there I obviously had a good a run.  I just would like to see them get back with that blue collar attitude,” said, Former Boise State Bronco Richie Brockel.

These days Brockel is putting his accounting degree to good use in the city of trees.

"Doing taxes now I'm a desk jockey I enjoy it it's really challenging it's totally different than what I did in the past but it's going well," said, Brockel.

Along with taxes, he is still trying to stay active and keep in shape and who knows you might call him a true Idaho outdoorsman.

"A lot of hiking probably this summer doing some more mountaineering and rock climbing.  Just being outside, trying to get out skiing.  I love it," said, Brockel.

Along with all of his outdoor activities, he's also taken the time to mentor current players on the Boise state roster.

"That's interesting I think about when I was in their shoes.  I'm thinking well how do I get this message to them.  It's kinda interesting now to be in the other position and try to give a good message to these guys and tell them these are things you need to focus in on," said, Brockel.

Richie welcomed his first child and end of his playing career with the Carolina Panthers so when isn't doing taxes he is enjoying fatherhood.