Former Bronco looks to ‘Fill the Stands'

Posted at 9:03 PM, Sep 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-17 23:33:38-04



For Boise State football fans, there’s nothing better than watching the team they love play on that famous blue turf.

Now, that image of glory seems to be fading. For the first time in years, ticket sales have dipped. One former Bronco says the surprising reason behind the drop is that many fans simply can’t afford tickets.

“I tweeted saying how appalling (the drop in ticket sales) was,” said former Bronco, Elliot Hoyte. “I kind of got a backlash from some people and I've read through tweets and some people said ‘you know I don’t go, I can't afford it.’”

The backlash sparked Hoyte to create a “Go Fund Me” page for those who can’t afford to go to games. Hoyte says his idea could help fill the stands.

“There are people that you know would like to go and you know financial kind of struggles when they need help,” Hoyte said. “I figured I would use kind of what I have to help other people get in the stadium.”

Hoyte says having the stands packed with fans can make all the difference, and sometimes means the difference between a success and a defeat.

“It makes a huge difference. We still love playing down at the south end zone because those fans are rowdy there,” said Hoyte.”It makes a huge difference it really does: you as a fan, you have a chance to turn the game. You really can directly.”