Former Bronco Joe Martarano enjoying baseball

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jun 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-25 00:11:47-04

Former Boise State Bronco Joe Martarano wrapped up a three-game set with the Boise Hawks having two doubles and 3 RBI’s.

Since 2013 Martarano played both football and baseball but in March he decided to just focus in on baseball.  He is still getting used to the transition and hopes of one day making it the show. 

"I'm just ready to go at it at 110 percent and see what happens in the future," said, Emeralds 3rd Baseman Joe Martarano.

Martarano's biggest adjustment has been at the plate with recognizing off-speed pitches. In Boise he had a total of three strikeouts something he is hoping to clean up.

"Just getting reps, just recognizing off-speed pitches and I haven't seen it for a couple of years so I'm just trying to get myself ready," said, Martarano.

With the loss of Martarano on the football team, the Broncos filled the empty roster spot with Martaranos help.  He picked up the phone and called a former minor league baseball player and Rocky Mountain graduate Mason Smith who will join the Broncos as a walk-on.

"He was texting me about it about trying to get on the team for a couple of months and I don't think there was any room at the time when he was trying to text me.  My leaving might have helped him I don't know.  His in the grind of it right now summer conditioning and meetings and all that.  Once he gets into the season and the games that's when it gets really fun,” said, Martarano.

If Martarano stays with the Emeralds all season he will back in Boise in August for a three more games at Memorial Stadium.