Espn Analyst talks Broncos on eve of NFL Draft

Posted at 5:27 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 21:48:53-04

The NFL draft is right around the corner and a handful of former Broncos are hoping to hear their names called.

Espn NFL draft expert Mel Kiper Jr discussed three former Broncos and the chances of them playing at the next level.

Jeremy McNichols is expected to be at the front of this year’s Boise State draft class.  The former running back rushed for nearly 1800 yards and scored 27 times.  Mel Kiper Jr says he will get drafted but isn’t completely sold as to where and when McNichols will hear his name called. 

“He can go as high as the fourth round. It depends on the (team's') opinion of those running backs outside the top 10 group.  In that group is Jeremy McNichols, that's going to determine, if you put him at the top of that group, he's a fourth-round pick, maybe a third put him at the bottom of that group, he's a sixth, seventh-round pick. I think after it all shakes out, he's a fourth- or fifth-round pick," said, ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper Jr.

Former linebacker Tanner Vallejo and 69 tackles, six of them for a loss in just nine games of work last season.  Vallejo was sidelined in the Bronco Bowl game due to a wrist injury.  He did shine in the Boise State Pro Day, which should land him a spot in the league.

"More of a late-round pick, he'll help on special teams right away," said, Kiper Jr.

On the edge, Thomas Sperbeck finished the past year as the All-Time leader in receiving yards and grabbed a total of 12 touchdowns.  He might not be the biggest guy out on the field but he has the skills to make a team.

"Sperbeck, as a slot receiver, with his hands and overall ability, could be a late-rounder or priority free agent that can make a football team," said, Kiper Jr.

The first round of the NFL draft will take place on April 27th and wrap up on the 29th.