Could NCAA athletes be allowed to transfer with coaching changes?

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 23:09:24-05


This could be a game changer for college athletics as there is a proposal to allow athletes to transfer schools without restriction if their coach leaves the program for another job or if they were fired.

According toCBS Sports, Dennis Dodd the proposal, which has been made by the Big 12 Conference would allow athletes to transfer without sitting out a year.

Changing the transfer rule has been one of the biggest challenges in the NCAA history.  Coaches for years have been able to block an athlete to where they would be able to transfer to.  I caught up with the writer Dennis Dodd to get his reaction.

"If you are leaving or you get fired you have no dog in the hunt.  If you are the new coach you are going to have to replace those guys but guess what it's going to have to be some provision on the back end.  What this proposal does is really call BS on the National Letter of Intent.  In the letter of intent there is a sentence in there that says “remember you are signing with the school, not the coach.”  Ok if that's the case anybody that protests this proposal doesn't believe in the NLI is being a hypocrite," said CBS Sports Writer Dennis Dodd.

The Big 12 is also in the process of talking with other conferences about their model.