Coach Patton Tailgating Tips

Posted at 9:37 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 06:07:32-04

With Saturday night being a late kickoff, as the fan, you should have plenty of time to gather your grub and your favorite tailgate refreshment. But before you start grilling out, Boise State Head Men’s Coach Greg Patton has some pointers before you fire up the barbecue.

“Welcome to Boise State Bronco tennis style tailgate party!” Patton said.

First things first, Patton explained, the whole aroma of a great tailgate depends on this: you have to pick a good team.
“We got it: the Broncos,” Patton said.

It’s also very important that you pick a good day. A Saturday in Boise, Idaho in the fall?

“Can’t beat it, it’s like going to heaven. The thing is these games are so taxing, it’s like a heartache watching the Broncos play. They’re so exciting and I want you to tailgate with heart,” Patton said.

“Mmmm delicious. The first thing you do is put a cup of water into your frying pan. Then what I do is put it on the stove, and the next thing that we do is—once it’s at a boil—we bring it down a little bit.”

Then what Coach?
“I put one-third of a cup of coach's’ oats,” Patton said.Are there other ways to cook this thing?

“You can also put it in a microwave but whose bringing a microwave to a football game? I’m not are you?” Patton said.

According to Coach, you can also put sugar on it as well as organic blueberries, Idaho milk, a banana (for extras), put it together and that’s a mean meal for the blue and orange football game! Anything else you’d like to add Coach?

“Folks one more thing! On October 6th through the 9th, Boise is hosting a major regional tournament here at Boise State Appleton Tennis Courts. We would love to see you. I would love for you to bring down your barbeque, your grills, and we can BBQ some oatmeal. But then the season starts which is our team season. That’s the meat and potatoes and the oatmeal of the season that starts in January. Keep your eyes on us. Go Broncos! Go Broncos!” said Patton