Coach Patton Tailgate Tip

Posted at 10:53 PM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 00:53:04-04

To get your tailgate ready for tomorrow we have gotten some help from Boise State men's tennis coach, Greg Patton, who spilled the beans on where  the best place to party is.

“The greatest party in Idaho is right here. It's like going to the dance hall. We're going to hear music, we're going to feel the vibe and we are going to start to boogie!” Said Patton

One thing about Boise State football games is you have to know where the paramedics are because when you go to a game people care.

“Sometimes when I'm really tired I'll go in there and take a few zzz’s” said Patton
Of course, the statue of Lyle smith is respected.

“It's sacred.”

Of course what game would be complete without a visit to the hall of fame?

“Now tell me this is not heaven .”

Ultimately the best place to party is to come to…. “The tennis courts! Hey, we are going to be playing and partying and rocking the house right over here at the Appleton tennis center. Have a great time and  go Broncos!”