Caleb Christensen the Power Lifting Phenom

Posted at 8:42 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 22:42:37-04

Powerlifting is not for everyone.  It's the true test of guts, heart, and strength and for soon-to-be Borah high graduate Caleb Christensen its a way of life.

Christensen is an Idaho strong man with three national powerlifting records.  He heads to Detroit in June to compete in us strongman competition in the teen division.

"Powerlifting has always been kinda fun to me cause I've always liked lifting heavy weights so that just comes with the territory of what I like to do," said, Powerlifter Caleb Christensen.

This fall Caleb will suit up for the Boise State football team as a preferred walk-on.  He hopes his strength will translate to the field and eventually a scholarship.

"As a football player when you can say I hold three national titles or I'm doing this much on deadlift and squat and it's this much more than any other recruit coming in it kinda gives me a little bit of a competitive edge," said, Christensen.

This weightlifting phenom is no stranger to grinding in the gym.  On this day he squatted 475 pounds.  He says the key to brute force is all mental

"You have to just get in the zone and get in the mindset this is the only thing that's important," said, Christensen.

Caleb plans to be the strongest incoming freshman they've ever seen for Boise State football.  Getting to nationals is a bit expensive so Christensen family has started agofundme campaign to help cover his costs.