Busy Offseason for Idaho Steelheads

Posted at 7:31 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 21:31:04-04

The Idaho Steelheads shredded a lot of ice this season under first-year Head Coach Neil Graham, but even though the season is  over the gloves and the work to get better are just getting started for next season.

There was a lot of wins last season for the Idaho Steelheads.  The Steelies finished fifth in the Western Conference and second in their division.  The Season might be over the workload for Head Coach Neil Graham is just beginning.

“We have our game plan and our strategy and we’re going to make some adjustments over the summer in some certain areas.  There're a few areas of the game that obviously we need to improve on to make sure we’re better for next season and that’s the main objective,” said, Head Coach Neil Graham.

The Summer is also prime time to recruit new players to the team but Coach Neil Graham says that getting recruits is easier said than done.

“So competitive out there you know, with 27 other teams all trying to get the top recruits and top free agents,” said, Graham.

Neil Graham will have the tall task of evaluating players all through the summer, with the hopes that he and his team can score a title this next season.

“You Sprinkle in some free agents added with some rookies along with junior and NCAA players and we’ll have a good product this season,” said, Graham.

The Steelheads will open the season on October 14th against the Utah Grizzlies.  The Steelheads will host their home opener the following week.