BSU Soccer represents state with 6 Idahoans on roster

Posted at 8:12 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 22:17:53-04

The Boise State women's soccer team kick off the season this Friday against Montana.  Entering this year they six girls from the Gem State on the roster that share a bond on and off the field.

Six girls represent Idaho on a squad of 28 players.  Four of those athletes are returning starters and should be an asset for the team this fall.  

What makes it even more special for the six is that when they left high school it would have been an afterthought of having the chance to play division one soccer as Idaho is still growing their prep ranks. 

"You know we were raised in a town where in our youth days it wasn't as prominent of a soccer place.  I played teams with girls that have every single player from their club team go compete at a D1,” said, Junior Midfielder Addison Standlee.

This trend according to Head Coach Jim Thomas could only double in the years to come.

"There will be even more next year and we continue to try and pick up the best players from the state of Idaho and from Boise in general," said, Head Coach Jim Thomas.

The bond runs deep for both Raimee Sherle and Addison Standlee as the pair took third place at the 5A State Championship in 2014 for Rocky Mountain high school.  Along with the duo, the other four find ways to grow closer on and off the field.

"Lot of college teams have a lot of college girls from everywhere (on the roster) and a lot of them don't have previous teammates on the team.  To have that chemistry on the field and that relationship with these girls it's really helpful,” said, Standlee.

The Broncos kick off their season this Friday against Montana and Sunday against Southern Utah at home.