BSU Jacobsen battles thru adversity

Posted at 9:18 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 23:20:04-05

 Krystine Jacobsen has been the difference maker for the Bronco gymnastics team this year and has learned to battle through adversity. This past year she lost her brother but through it all she continues to lead the Broncos.

Jacobsen has proven to be constant leader for the undefeated Broncos. She was named specialist of the week last week and she has won the uneven bars title in four of  of the Broncos five meets this year.

“I've come in every week and tried to better my technique and how i can make my skills bigger and get my landings. I want to just overall get that ten, hopefully this year.” said, Boise State gymnast Krystine Jacobsen.

She learned of her brothers death while on a trip to Alabama competing for the Blue and Orange last season. Instead of returning home to Virginia Beach she pushed on with her team.

“I was sitting on the phone with my parents debating do i come home or do i stay. His birthday was February 23rd, my number is 23, and we were on plane A-23. There were so many signs that i felt for him and that i should just stay and do the sport I love.” said, Jacobsen.

Following the loss of her brother Jacobsen's teammates have grown into sisters. They provide support and even wear her brother initials on their arms.

“It's such an amazing way to honor him this last season. I couldn't do it without the support of the girls. Each meet they write “AJ” his initials on their arms. I'm just speechless about how much love i have for these girls.” said Jacobsen.

Jacobsen and the Broncos will host the 26th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday at 7 P.M. inside Taco Bell Arena.