Broncos win against Colorado State 28-23

Posted at 12:35 AM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 07:05:08-04

It was a special Saturday Night at Albertson's Stadium as the Broncos picked up their 6th win of the season and also honored the 2006 team that won the Fiesta bowl over Oklahoma.

Although rain and wind slowed the Broncos at times against the Rams they  were still able to grind out a victory.  The win also moved the Broncos up in the Rankings to 14th in both polls.

Boise State trailed for the first time in 2016 when Colorado State hit a 39-yard field in the first quarter.

The Broncos were the last team that had not trailed in a game this season in the FBS. The Boys in Blue were able grab a victory in the closing seconds 28 to 23.

“That was a fight, hats off to Colorado State they played extremely well which is what we expect every single week from every team we play we will get their a-game and i'm very proud of this team,” said, Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

“A wins a win it's not always going to be pretty but that's definitely something we can can get fixed,” said Senior Wide Receiver Thomas Sperbeck.

Once again Boise State used the help of running back Jeremy Mcnichols to keep the momentum on their side as he set the single-game record with 40 carries, going for 217 yards and two touchdowns it was the second 200-yard game of his career and of this season.

“The guys durable, he’s dependable, he’s consistent, and that's why and we go to him so often,” said, Sperbeck.

“Probably be sore tomorrow morning, as of right now we got the win and at the same time we have to prepare the same. We got to get back to the film tomorrow and watch this game and get ready for byu practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We need to  just get prepared for Thursday however we have to do it,” said, Junior Running Back Jeremy McNichols.

It was smooth sailing heading into the 4th quarter with the Broncos having a commanding 28 to 3 lead but the rams didn’t give up recovering two onside kicks and scored two quick touchdowns to cut the deficit to just five points. 

“You don’t want to panic but at the same time you want to get back as fast as possible. There's the million dollar question right there how do you do it well, somebody needs to make a play.  We did get the onside kick at the end there for the third time and we were able to make the plays and at the end of the game the game ended the way it did but guys were still able to make plays in those situation,” said, Harsin.

Colorado State would then try to pull a rabbit out of their hat doing a hook and ladder but they were unsuccessful lateraling the ball multiple times until the ball bounced out of bounds with just four seconds left, the referees would then determine that one of the laterals was a forward pass, resulting in a loss of down and a 10 second runoff of the clock and the Broncos escaped Albertson stadium with a victory

“A lot of people have talked about how we haven’t had adversity like that this season and it hit really hit us hard this game and we were able to come out on top,” said, Senior Linebacker Darren Lee.

“When a team is coming back on you like that it can break you down easily especially if you're not a veteran type of player. Seeing a lot of our young guys step up with that mentality was really big for us,” said, Senior Linebacker Ben Weaver.

The Broncos now will have just four days to clear the board and get ready to play BYU this Thursday in a game that could possibly be the toughest game remaining on their schedule.