Broncos Webb turning pro outside of Sports

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 00:11:43-04

More than 480-thousand students compete as NCAA athletes, and many of them dream of playing professional sports.

Others like the Broncos Abby Webb are already focused on their dreams outside of sports.
Soon to be senior Abby Webb has already made a name for herself.  As the 2017 magic co-champion on floor.

What separates her from her teammates is what she is doing outside of gymnastics.

"My dream is to end up in Medical school at the University of Washington.  That's my number one pick.  I'm finding out it's a long journey it's definitely stressful and difficult but it's worth it.  Hopefully, I’ll end up somewhere in the northwest practicing sports orthopedics," said, Senior Gymnast Abby Webb.

Since January Webb has been interning at the Idaho sports medicine institution.  She recently took the MCAT for the first time and hopes a passing score will get her into medical school after graduation.

"It was a long and hard day of just studying and just knowing that someday I will get there it will pay off," said, Webb.

While juggling both academics and athletics can be difficult Webb has a mentor to help show her the way.

Doctor Kirk Lewis once played football for the University of Michigan and believes that In time Webb will become a doctor.

"She has empathy for patients which to me is important.  There is the science of medicine and there is the art of medicine.  I think that what makes a good doctor myself is there are always people that do good research, work in the lab, look at x-ray film, but to interact with someone and understand what they need and what you are trying to offer them and then give them the options of what they have and what works for them she picks that up.  So I think that making of a good doctor," said, ISMI M.D. Kirk Lewis.

Abby will wrap up her senior year this year by competing for a 4th straight magic title.