Bronco's turning the page to season ready

Posted at 8:10 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 22:10:46-04

The Broncos headed to the field this morning for a private scrimmage.  From what Coach Harsin saw, he say’s he’s impressed with the top group’s level of readiness. That’s good because the team has just fifteen days to come together before the season kicks off in Louisiana against the Ragin Cajuns.

Things are heating up for the Broncos with fall camp, as it nears completion and their mindset turns to the regular season.  Players are beginning to position themselves to accept their starting roles for the fall.
"Today was really separation day the majority of the starters played like starters I thought a majority of the backups played like starters," said, Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

Coach Harsin says when it comes to the depth the team seems to be in a good shape at most positions.  The Broncos bring back Jeremy McNichols as their weapon to carry most of the load once again in the backfield but as of now Harsin hasn’t put a name on who will be the second string running back.

"It shouldn't look any different.  Some guys understand the skill set and all that, but the mentality of that group that shouldn't change.  We are going to run the ball like if it's third and two be prepared to do that and we have to go get it so whoever is in there you  know that's your mindset," said, Harsin.

On the defense, the Broncos could be a well-oiled machine with several returners.  Harsin has no shortage of praise for what he has seen with the group.

"When things come up that are not positive there's a negative situation they seem to respond.  I've seen that thru camp to me that's something for us that's kind of what we are preparing for is negative how do we respond to that and those guys have done a good job,” said, Harsin.

When it comes to special teams Coach Harsin is still looking at standouts to make a big difference for the Broncos.  He wants what he calls “Special Team Demon’s” out on the field.

"I want our starters to be on special teams or fighting for a position if you play offense or defense that's great your gift to the team is on special teams,” said, Harsin.

Coach Harsin also said today that no one on the team has suffered any major injuries.  Last week, Talks was centered around who would be making the move to the Big 12.  Today, Coach Harsin reached out to the Media for the first time since the Broncos made their pitch to the Big 12 Conference.

"It's been a presidential conversation the document they used, there's great stuff in there whatever the next steps are they will involve me whenever they need to involve me at that point," said, Harsin.