Broncos Selected to Tuscaloosa as No. 3 Seed

Posted at 7:55 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 09:40:13-04

The Boise State Gymnastics team will be getting set for the regional tournament.  The Broncos wrapped up the regular season this past week by winning the Conference Championship.

Boise State earned the No. 3 seed and are the only undefeated team heading into the Regionals. The team will head south to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and square off against the Crimson Tide, California, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Bowling Green.

“It didn't matter where they were going to send us. This team as has just done extraordinary things and were just in a great place.  Were healthy and were going to have two good weeks of training and were going to go there and prepare to get it done.”


It's a tough draw for Boise State, they will have to face No. 4 Alabama and No. 9 California.


“No matter where we are going to be it's going to be a fight and I think what we need to focus on is just doing what we've been doing,” said junior Diana Mejia.


“My three years here, this is by far the most confident, best-hitting team I've been on.  It's just a different feel being on the floor this year than it has been any other year," said junior Paige Urquhart.


Co-Head Coach Neil Resnick says the routines and prep work stay the same and even with his team competing in a much larger environment.

“It’s not a competition where you can change strategy or do things differently you have to perform your routines.  You have to stay focused on your teammates and get the job done.  I'm absolutely convinced if we go there and do what we've done all year long then we're going to be the first team to go the NCAA Championships"


Boise State will leave for Regionals next week and hope to earn a berth to the National Championship in Fort Worth, Texas.