Broncos Riley Lupfer is a 3-point machine

Posted at 8:15 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 22:46:16-05



Riley Lupfer has been the Broncos go-to shooter behind the arc this season.  In fact, she set the single-season record for 3-points made last week.  She has 83 pointers on the year and enters this week match up with New Mexico Lobos just 27 treys from matching the Mountain West Conference single-season record of 110.  However what she does to get herself dialed in is a little out of the ordinary.

"It's all mental.  Everybody thinks I get shots up but it's a lot of meditating and visualizing,” said Sophomore Guard Riley Lupfer.

Lupfer uncanny ability to score is meditating, in fact, she has even taken a page of what some consider the greatest of all time at the game of basketball Michael Jordan from advice her sister who is a psychologist gave her.

"She started introducing it to me and the first thing that she had me read was the Mental Athlete.  It was about a guy that works with teams of Phil Jackson and players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  I was like they meditate before games what that's crazy," said Lupfer.

It surely has worked for her game as she is averaging 16 points a game leading the Broncos in scoring and she is connecting on nearly half her shots from long range.

"So I started doing it.  God I felt good I'm not irritated and I feel calm and my mind is free,” said Lupfer.

Her game has also developed due to the fact that she is a gym rat staying at Taco Bell Arena into the wee hours of the night.

"I just love the grind I love coming in here and I love the idea if you put time into something you will get the payoff," said Lupfer.

"She is one of the few players that will work herself to fatigue and then start shooting.  She can shoot in fatigue most kids when they come and shoot they jack up a couple shots and head out it's just another level of commitment," said Head Coach Gordy Presnell.

Boise State returns to action tomorrow hosting New Mexico at 7:00 pm.