Broncos host Fan Appreciation Day on the Blue

Posted at 10:16 PM, Aug 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-27 00:16:03-04

It was fan appreciation day today at Boise state as Bronco nation caught the first glimpse of the 2017 Broncos rocking their new uniforms on the blue.

The season will officially kick off next Saturday against Troy.

The Broncos practiced for just over an hour inside Albertson stadium working thru multiple drills. As well as the game like formations.  Now the team didn't have any hard hitting plays but still put forth a solid effort.  Along with the practice, it was the first time since the announcement of new uniforms that the players were able to wear them.

“It made it feel like a little bit more real.  You see fans out here cheering and getting that excitement and you just feel like it in the air it's going to be exciting,” said, Safety Kekoa, Nawahine.

"Everybody loves them they feel really nice it feels pretty tight so we are excited," said, Junior Wide Receiver A.J. Richardson.

Next Saturday when the Broncos take to the field against Troy it will be the first-afternoon game that Boise State has had at home since 2013 which for them they are excited to not have to deal with such a late kickoff.

“It will be nice to get going, and not have to sit around for a couple of hours.  I don't like finishing at midnight every home game,” said, Nawahine.

The dust has settled the mindset has moved on from themselves to Troy who finished with a 10 and 3 mark and 3rd in the Sun Belt Conference.

"I think everybody challenged each other this fall camp coach Kiseau stressed competing so much,” said, Richardson.

"There a great team they're going to make plays we have to make plays and limit plays on defense.  We are out here to stop them and do the best we can.  They got playmakers and we got to be able to limit those and play with those techniques that we have had up to this point," said, Nawahine.

Boise State University is improving the fan experience this fall in and out of the stadium.

From the second the Broncos take the field until the final second runs off the clock, fans will notice a difference. Highlighted by additional pyrotechnics that will be unveiled for week one, the Broncos’ pregame introductions have undergone a major overhaul.

Fireworks are no longer a pregame-only function, rather they will accompany every Bronco touchdown.

The video board will feature more replays with better angles, additional statistics, and real-time highlight packages.

Boise State is also pleased to introduce an in-stadium DJ, a position that will be filled by former Bronco standout and current recording artist Faraji Wright, known in the music industry as Rexx Life Raj. He will take over the audio system inside Albertsons Stadium during pregame for every home contest this year, and provide music during key moments throughout the game.

If you like food the Broncos will have you covered with new features this season. Concessions will introduce new vendors such as Mad Mac, Mai Thai hand-rolled sushi, Kono Pizza, Famous Dave’s BBQ and Soda Stop. A handful of concessions favorites, including Ben & Jerry’s, Sweet Valley Cookies, Mai Thai rice bowls, La Tapatia Street Tacos and Famous Dave’s BBQ, will be adding locations throughout the concourse. Concessions will also add a Walking Taco Loaded Nachos kiosk, as well as expanded menus with items such as finger steaks, Frank’s Hot Sauce wings and Hammer Fries, a new signature dish.