Boise State Weekly Press Conference News and Notes

Posted at 7:26 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 21:26:43-04



The Broncos will head to Utah State Saturday for what could be a wild game.

Utah State has proved this season that they can be unpredictable. After two straight losses, the Aggies turned it around this past week against UNLV with over 570 yards of total offense in a 52 to 28 win in Sin City.

Utah State gave redshirt freshman Jordan Love a shot at quarterback during the game. Love had over 300 yards through the air and two touchdowns.

Historically it has always been hard to predict the Aggies’ next move, especially since a few years ago when they committed seven first-half turnovers in a loss. Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos says the Boys in Blue better stay on their toes.

“They do a good job designing pass plays that compliment run plays and things like that.  When you add that quarterback number into the schematics of things it makes things difficult.  We have to do a great job playing on the edges and we have to do a better job playing on the edges than we did last week.” said Avalos.

Boise State will continue to rock a two-quarterback offense when they travel to Utah on Saturday. The dynamic duo, Rypien, and Cozart have grown strong together in the offensive room. Both quarterbacks have led their team to victory in the past three contests with their conservative play calling. According to the coaches, the egos of both have been checked at the door, and their full focus has been on winning ball games.

“Those guys have different skill sets and we use them in different ways.  It's not ideal but we are trying to find ways to use Montell and use his attributes,  whether it's at the same time on certain plays or if it's one or the other,” said Offensive Coordinator Zak Hill.

Tight end Chase Blakley is out for the season as a result of surgery on his ankle. Blakley may be able to apply for a medical redshirt. Defensive lineman Aisa Element is also out for the year as a result of surgery on his shoulder but was already redshirting.

Looking forward to later in the season, the Broncos match up with Nevada will begin at 5:00 p.m. on ESPN-U. The game will be the earliest kick off at Albertson’s stadium since 2012.

The game has been long anticipated, the rivalry between Boise State and Nevada spans four conferences over the past five decades. The Broncos have won eight straight at home against the Wolfpack. The early game time will be the fourth home game to start at 6:00 or earlier this season.