Boise State unveils new Football uniforms

Posted at 6:01 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 23:29:57-04

The Boise State football time finally revealed their new uniforms today at Coach Harsin press conference.

The team will have a new blue, orange and white jersey which is made by Nike.  All three will have stripes on the shoulders and written underneath the neckline the words blue collar.

"The blue that's what stands out.  So that was one of the most important things to us and as we talked to Nike.  This is what our program is really founded on is this blue-collar mentality.  We wanted to add the blue collar into the uniform somehow some way.  No one is ever going to see but our guys and our program know what that means," said, Head Coach Bryan Harsin.

The update to the orange jersey will be the first one since the team debuted them against Fresno State in 2010.  Boise State will use the black uniforms which were not updated... But the gray ones are being phased out.

"I know we are a small group that has this new style of uniform.  I know the NFL is going to that and some teams already have it.  As far as what the guys are wearing it's the best there is and that's the most important," said, Harsin.

The Broncos are also open to the idea of adding more than just a Bronco on the side of their helmet liking using bleed blue as they did in the spring game but only time will tell.

The jerseys are available for presale through the Bronco Shop and it is worth noting the new uniforms are 20 percent lighter than the old ones.