Boise State practices in Arizona on eve of Bowl Game

Posted at 12:22 AM, Dec 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-25 02:24:47-05

Boise State arrived at Chaparral High School at 12:45, this afternoon, put on their pads and went to work.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Boise state has played in a game, and their mindset is directly dialed in on the Bears and to use this game to prepare the younger guys to get ready for next season.

"This isn't a vacation.  This is for the program to develop and get better and for this team to have one last shot as this group before guys graduate, go their own ways, whatever.  It may be to have one last chance to play," said, Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos.

With the added time off, from the field, the Broncos are carefully preparing on the field, but defensive coordinator Andy Avalos says it’s not a disadvantage to his team.

"it doesn't take long to get rusty.  So just trying to do all the things you can to make you ready to go without beating your guys up too much.  Obviously, you don't want an adverse effect and do something negative there but, just really getting our guys prepared to tackle and finish," said, Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos.

Along with the game itself, the Broncos will have multiple chances to grow with one another here in Arizona with the few activities put on by the cactus bowl committee. Senior receiver Chaz Anderson says he has spoken to the younger guys and suggests they embrace it while they can.

"Just taking it all in. Learning it cause you are going to go to another bowl game being a Boise State Bronco. Just really enjoy it, and learn from the older guys and the best advice I can give them is, soak it all in," said, Senior Wide Receiver Chaz Anderson.

Each of the last 14 Boise State senior classes has won at least 40 games during their careers and they want to close it out the right way.“

"it’s a big a deal but we can't get too worked up about that we can't get too high with the highs can’t get to lows with the lows we have to stay even keel and get the job done," said, Senior Linebacker Darren Lee.