Boise Buck Shots are making their mark on the national stage

Posted at 4:08 PM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 15:01:57-04

BOISE — From Nevada to Texas to Idaho, the Boise Buck Shots are making their mark in sport shooting competitions.

A unique sport that includes three different disciplines: sporting clays, skeet, and trap.

“Sporting clays is more like hunting scenarios where birds come from all different directions, skeet is a wing shooting discipline, so it is big leads from right to left, doubles and then trap is like a bird that is flying away from you so it is a come from behind and shoot it as it is rising," said Dan Darragh, Boise Buck Shots coach.

It's a sport focused on mental toughness and being fluid with your gun.

"The first time I went to a shoot I remember all the stress and, then as soon as we started shooting it just all went away and I knew I was doing something right cause after that I ended up winning a few medals," said Hunter Cells, Boise Buck Shot.

The team competes as one, and then each athlete can compete for their own medal.

“My favorite part is when you see a clay break," said Ian Darragh, Boise Buck Shot. "It is pretty awesome and it is pretty accomplishing when you shoot 50 straight.“

The team has competed in Boise for over a decade, but most recently the sport is growing, and they are gaining national recognition.

"He’s going to San Antonio for the National Championships," Dan said about his son Ian.

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A chance to represent Idaho on a national stage, but for Ian, what he loves most is the time with his dad, who is also his coach.

"It is definitely bonding and helps to get away from home stress, and it really is awesome," Ian said.

"I really enjoy sharing something that was my passion growing up with my son, and it just helps build that bond that a lot of kids don’t have today with their parents because they are so busy," Dan said. "We just make time to have a good time and enjoy that special one-on-one."

The team is always looking for more athletes, and experience or equipment is not necessary.

“It’s like a family. We come out every Wednesday and Sunday for practices and then you get to go to tournaments," Cells said. "Everyone shows up and if you miss a few and are sad everyone on the squad is going to cheer you up.”

The Buck Shots just finished up competing at the State Championships here in Boise, and are gearing up for Nationals this coming month.

If you are interested in the sport, visit their website here, or you can also check out their Facebook page here.