Battling the heat with cycling

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 22:13:04-04

This time of year it takes true guts and fortitude to cycle with temperatures hitting the triple digits in the treasure valley.

Well, that isn't the case for a select group of riders with the southwest Idaho cycling association, who don't limit their challenges but challenging their limits.

Kurt Holzer puts the pedal to the medal in the blistering sun and begins a journey of 50 laps on a roughly two-mile course.  To some, he might be one of the experts, yet for him, it's all about getting more people involved in the world of cycling.

"We welcome beginners we like to have people come into the sport, fair fast and fun those are important things to us but number one to all that is safety," said, Kurt Holzer Former Manager of the Southwest Idaho Cycling Association.

For the brave ones that want join the mix, you don't need to be a hammer or king of the shop ride--anyone with a road bike and a helmet can enter.

"There is beginners, intermediates, and experts.  We like to watch racers develop come up thru the ranks.  Racers range in ages out from eleven to 66.  We have had 70-year-old racers out here in the past," said, Holzer.

The successful racers can sprint out of corners lap after lap and still have the energy to the finish, but for all the riders that race it's about enjoying the sport of cycling as well as get into better shape.

"All the numbers that the doctor test the ones that should below are low and the ones that should be high are high.  You can really see the results in my medical history so it's good it keeps you invigorated in all the other parts of your life," said, Holzer.

Now some of the local riders that race every Tuesday by the expo they are training for the Boise Twilight Criterium which is set to take place this Saturday in downtown Boise.