Adam Morrison shares stories about Leon Rice

Adam Morrison shares stories about Leon Rice
Adam Morrison shares stories about Leon Rice
Posted at 10:13 PM, Mar 17, 2018
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Round two of the NCAA Tournament is wrapping up at Taco Bell Arena. Gonzaga beat Ohio State to advance to their 4th straight sweet 16.  Before their big game, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Adam Morrison who played for the Zags along with playing in the NBA. Morrison shared some Leon Rice Stories with me.  Rice was an assistant at Gonzaga prior to becoming the Boise State Head Coach.

"Leon used to wear really short shorts like John Stockton style.  He would come into practice and he would wear his shirt tucked in.  So imagine that when you are in the doldrums of the season and you walk in and Leon is wearing those.  Leon was great man I loved Leon he was one of my coaches he was my guy. I have a lot of respect for him,” said Former Gonzaga basketball player Adam Morrison.

Another example of Leon would do to motivate his team would be fake news articles.

"He would always have these fake news articles and we are 18, 19, 20 years old we didn't they were fake.  I realized the kid from Saint Mary’s didn't call us a bunch of (names) but he would quote it and put it in a news article and pass it around and say see what they said about you guys and he would get us motivated," said Morrison.

Morrison said he wouldn’t be surprised if he was still doing that kind of antics today.

"I'm sure he is I shouldn't give away his secrets but yeah absolutely," said Morrison.