2nd Day Bronco Fall Camp News and Notes

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 00:03:21-04

Fall camp 2017 is in full swing, and the competition is starting to heat up. All eyes are on Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien after Jeremy McNichols’ early departure from the team to take his place in the NFL.

Another standout, Alexander Mattison, is the leading returning rusher in the backfield and sits atop the depth chart. The Boys in BLue could pass the ball to senior, Ryan Wolpin. Wolpin is the only other running back on the roster with any experience.

The freshmen duo, Robert Mahone, and Drake Beasley will challenge the Mattison and Wolpin from seeing playing time this fall. Boise State has a track record of churning out great running backs, and Wolpin says he’s ready to make his mark in history.

From Mattison, the Broncos could give the ball to senior Ryan Wolpin - who is the only other back on the roster with any experience.

The Broncos do have a pair of freshman with Robert Mahone and  Drake Beasley who will also challenge the other two from having playing time this fall.

With the history of the great backs coming out of Boise State Wolpin says he is ready put his own mark on the program. 

“We have all the great running backs that have been here on the wall and in the running back room. Every single day when you go in there you want to be like them if you get that opportunity to step up and be that guy,” Wolpin tells KIVI. “It's just really important to always know the guys that came before you and try to step up and be just like them."

The tight ends are also battling for the chance for playing time. Last season, several players went out on the field but struggled to find the end zone. The team only found the end zone twice all season, both times were by senior Alec Happens.

Boise State had only 29 catches from the group: the lowest amount since 2013.  Tight end Coach Kent Riddle says he expects that trend to change this fall.

"Those guys are going to have a big year for us and we are geared up and ready to go,” Riddle said. “We can go pretty deep and not have a drop-off and really have the same production.  One of the reasons they didn't necessarily catch as many balls last year as everybody thought we had a great receiving running back so some of the stuff that might not previously have gone to them. we were trying to get him the ball because he was so good at it."

After the sun set on the first day of camp, redshirt freshman Avery Williams has proved himself as a versatile player on the roster. Williams played four different positions this spring and earned himself a scholarship at the end of practice Tuesday.

"I have honestly blindsided it was a very exciting feeling and a blessing from God,” the young cornerback said. “I've been working on it for a while and it was a simple goal that I had and I achieved it so that just one thing on my to do list that I checked off."