Special program allows Boise WCA residents to have a merry Christmas

Posted at 10:32 PM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 00:32:20-05

BOISE — Christmas is just less then two weeks away and many are getting their last minute gifts, but what should be a happy time to spend with family, is often a stressful time for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

That's why the WCA is working to help make sure everyone enjoys the holiday season. For women experiencing or getting out of an abusive relationship, it's difficult.

"All the things that they're seeing are just kind of throwing it in their face that they're not in a healthy relationship, but by the same token if we're talking about a family many times the mom and or the dad is trying to hold it together because they really want to keep it together for the sake of the kids," said Beatrice Black, CEO, Boise Women's and Children's Alliance.

A special program through the WCA allows individuals and families in the community to sponsor WCA residents who could use a little extra help for the holidays. Each family is asked to be specific about the things they need.

"So a mom will not typically ask for things for herself. She will fill out the forms for the things that her kids would like."

For some, it may be the first time out on their own and that adds extra pressure to provide for their family.

"For individuals who have not left the relationship, it can be very stressful because if you think of all the advertisements and what we see on TV, you see happy, joyful families right and they are out enjoying each others company and having great parties and just celebrating the holidays."

Black says when the families come to pick up their gifts, they're overwhelmed by the generosity.

"Our clients really feel supported even thought they don't meet the individuals that are supporting them, it just allows them to know that our community cares about them and that is just so meaningful."

The WCA already has gift sponsors for this year, but they are still in need of gift cards for activities for families.