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Meet the Republican candidates looking to represent District 22B

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Posted at 8:09 AM, May 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-02 10:09:06-04

ADA COUNTY, Idaho — Marissa Stevens Keith is challenging incumbent, and current house majority leader, Jason Monks for the district 22B seat.

  • More information on Jason A. Monks.
  • Marisa Stevens Keith campaign website.
  • Find a sample ballot for District 22 linked here, and at the bottom of this story.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Marisa Stevens Keith is running for representative seat B, in District 22, against incumbent Jason Monks.

In February, Monks was elected as House Majority Leader.

"I've been elected as a member of leadership every term that I've been in the office. Two of the terms, I was elected as assistant majority leader and now as a majority leader, and so I'm proud of my experience there and the faith of my colleagues put in me," said Monks.

Stevens Keith says she was inspired to run for a representative seat after attending legislative committee meetings for years.

"I feel like they're focusing on things that do not affect regular Idahoans on a day to day basis. The things that are really affecting people are not being addressed," said Stevens Keith.

Both candidates say Idahoans are facing issues regarding property taxes and funding for education.

"We're not allowing schools to collect impact fees, which is unfortunate because when you think of the growth that has happened in this valley over the last 20 years, if they could have collected even a moderate impact fee on those new units, it would have taken a lot of burden off of the taxpayers to have to pay for those new schools," said Stevens Keith.

Monks says he'd like to continue his efforts in funding improvements for roads and highways.

"What's super important is that we provide infrastructure, with all the growth that we have. And that we provide appropriate funding for education and we maintain our taxes and lower them whenever possible," said Monks.

District 22 spans portions of South Meridian, northern Kuna, southwest Boise and unincorporated areas of Ada County. Both of the Republican candidates say a pressing issue in their district, is the access to water.

"We have some water issues, you wouldn't think that about 22, but we have some people that have lived there for a lot of years, and wells are drying up," said Monks.

"Which is really concerning because if you lose water to your property, it affects your ability to sell it, it affects your ability to live there," said Stevens Keith.

Monks says his experience will help him advocate for Idahoan's needs, "I've figured out how to be successful in the last few years. I have been able to lead some of the largest tax reduction policies in this state."

Stevens Keith feels there is more to discuss in the next session, she says, "a living wage, affordable housing, those things are not being addressed by the legislature."

District 22 - Idaho
District 22 - Idaho