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Sergio Brown seemingly mocks disappearance after mom is found murdered

The former NFL player surfaced in a series of videos posted to an Instagram burner account as he is reported missing by police.
Sergio Brown seemingly mocks disappearance after mom is found murdered
Posted at 11:32 AM, Sep 20, 2023

Former NFL player Sergio Brown has surfaced in bizarre Instagram Story videos that appear to mock reports by police that he is missing — which comes just days after his mother was found murdered. 

Brown was reported missing over the weekend after family had not seen or heard from him or his mother, Myrtle Brown, in days. His mother's body was found outside her suburban Chicago home during a wellness check by Maywood police on Saturday.

In the videos, which appeared on his alleged burner account @intplayerwithapassport, Sergio references the children's movie "Finding Nemo" and acknowledges the missing person report.

"Just keep swimming," he repeats, which is a line made famous by the film's Dory character. 

"What the f***? Missing? They ain't never seen 'Finding Nemo'? What the f*** is going on? This is traumatic. Lucky I don't have to say a joke. You … what the f***? Just keep swimming," he said before breaking into laughter.

Sergio appeared to be in some sort of bar with Spanish music playing in the background. He also included a Mexico City location tag on an IG Story post apparently calling his mother's death "fake news."

When Sergio's first video surfaced, Maywood police told Scripps News they were investigating. 

"Maywood Police Department detectives are aware of a video that has surfaced on social media in relation to Mr. Sergio Brown, who is still considered a missing person, and are also looking its authenticity," a police spokesperson said Tuesday. 

On Wednesday morning, Sergio was seen in another video posted via Instagram Story with a Maywood, Illinois, location tag, which is the neighborhood where his mother lived and was found dead. 

The medical examiner's office determined Myrtle died via homicide based on evidence of an assault. 

Scripps News reached out to the Maywood Police Department for information on the latest developments. 

An investigation remains ongoing.

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