Charlotte, the stingray made famous for her mystery pregnancy, has died

Last month, the aquarium said Charlotte had developed a "rare reproductive disease" that "negatively impacted her reproductive system."
Charlotte stingray Team ECCO
Posted at 11:00 AM, Jul 01, 2024

Charlotte, a female stingray who became famous for her mysterious pregnancy, has died, according to an update from the Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO.

The North Carolina aquarium posted the sad news to their social media Sunday night.

“We are sad to announce, after continuing treatment with her medical care team and specialist, our ray Charlotte passed away today,” the aquarium wrote. “The Team ECCO family appreciates your continued love and support while we navigate this great loss.”

It’s unclear what caused the stingray's death.

Last month, the aquarium said Charlotte had developed a “rare reproductive disease” that “negatively impacted her reproductive system.”

The round stingray became an internet star and feminist icon in February when the aquarium announced she was carrying multiple pups, even though she didn’t share a tank with a male stingray companion.

Many wondered if she had done the impossible and mated with one of the sharks who shared her 2,200-gallon tank home. But experts said it was most likely a case of parthenogenesis — when an embryo develops directly from an unfertilized egg.

Nevertheless, the birth of Charlotte’s pups never came and so it seems the mystery was never fully solved.

The Team ECCO staff said they’re continuing to work with Charlotte’s medical care team and research specialist, and that the aquarium would be temporarily closed.