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SAG-AFTRA warns members not to break strike rules during Halloween

The entertainment union is still negotiating with studios and wants members to not break intricate rules they're under during their protest.
SAG-AFTRA warns members not to break strike rules during Halloween
Posted at 8:00 PM, Oct 19, 2023

As Hollywood strikes for better compensation, SAG-AFTRA has warned its members not to lose sight of the goal the organization has set out to achieve during its ongoing protest to gain leverage. 

The union said it is still willing and ready to continue negotiation with studios for its members. 

This week, SAG-AFTRA released guidance to members on how they can avoid "inadvertently" breaking strike rules. 

The union put out an infographic with tips on the "dos and don't" for costumes that members might wear out to parties and in public. 

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In the guidance, the union said its members should select costumes that are "inspired by generalized characters and figures."

SAG-AFTRA listed examples like spiders, zombies and ghosts. 

The union said it does not want its members to don attire that is inspired by popular media and entertainment that plays a role in the current Hollywood strike. 

SAG-AFTRA said its members should not wear costumes that are inspired by characters from television and films that fall under the purview of the strike.

The union asked members to "use our collective power" to continue the strike and promote the message from strike leaders and aggrieved members. 

Film and TV actors were still on strike, making it the longest job walk-off of its kind in history. 

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists strike hit its 100th day recently. 

WGA writers have gone back to work after ending their strike. 

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