Ridge to Rivers receives report of coyote attack in the Boise foothills

Agency says incident involved off-leash dog
Posted at 6:51 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 14:42:32-04

Boise Parks and Rec says the dog was off its leash at the time and was actually bitten by the coyote. The pet is expected to be okay.

It's believed the coyote is part of a pack living in the area and was likely acting in defense of a den or pups. Hikers are urged to take extra precautions with their dogs when hiking in the foothills.

"We have placed signs in trailheads and access points at Hulls Gulch and Military Reserve just to encourage folks to be aware there are active coyotes in the area, hopefully raising some pups and to put their animals on a leash," said Sara Arkle, the superintendent of the Foothills and Open Space.

Boise Parks and Rec say they are experiencing a record amount of users in the foothills this year. They are asking people to be aware and respectful of all wildlife they encounter.

Ridge to Rivers says it has received reports of a coyote attack in the Boise foothills, off of the Crestline trail.

The groups says the reports involved an off-leash dog and a pack that typically roams in the Hulls Gulch and Military Reserve areas.

If you plan to take your dog for a hike or ride in these two reserves, you are urged to use extreme caution.

Ridge to Rivers recommends keeping your pet on a leash, especially if you are not confident your dog will come when you call it. They say the coyotes are most likely protecting a den of pups and are typically not intimidated by dogs or people. The Ridge to Rivers team will be placing signage at trail heads tomorrow warning users of this incident.