Resources offered to kids on Summer break

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jun 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-22 20:59:53-04

BOISE — Most children on Summer vacation enjoy their break from school, but for some children, the break can mean less access to the most important resources.

"Do they have boyfriends or girlfriends you know, what's that relationship like. What does it mean to interact with somebody respectfully," said Jess Flynn, WCA board member.

During the school year, the Women's and Children's Alliance goes into to schools to talk to kids about what healthy relationships look like, but when kids are out for summer, the WCA isn't able to reach them in the same way.

"Families are spending lots of time with kids and it's a time to take advantage of those conversation moments," said Flynn.

During the break, prevention coordinators can help with "Out and About Teen Camp." It's a program through Boise City Parks and Recreation. It's a way for children to be a part of fun activities with a focus on communication, consent, and healthy relationships.

"I would just encourage people during the summer when they're spending time with kids and those they love whether they're parents or aunts or uncles to start to have those conversations. The WCA has conversations as part of their prevention program in the junior and the high school areas. Parents and friends and families of these kids can do it too."

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