Record number of floaters packing Barber Park

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-18 01:38:44-04

BOISE — As the Treasure Valley and Boise grow, some of the area's most popular destinations are getting crowded.

Scott Koberg, with Ada County Parks and Waterways, said Saturday at Barber Park was the busiest on record, based on the car count and concession sales.

“We’re kind of at that carrying capacity for the park and for parking,” said Koberg.

He said the parking lot is filling so quickly on the weekends, and that includes the overflow parking field, that the parks people are forced to close it -- pushing people in surrounding areas.

“A lot of folks will park in adjacent neighborhoods, on streets and those types of things, and walk into the park," said Koberg. "That’s just really the demand for the experience as folks still want to do it. Even if the park is full, and we don’t have a space available, folks will park and walk in with their equipment and inflate it here in Barber Park and float.”

Jeff Reysebolt, a resident of nearby Barber Junction, says the street parking in front of his home was full -- leaving no room for personal cars.

“It was a little frustrating, especially when you have kids with cars and vehicles, you know, a two-car garage and no room to park in the alley, said Reysebolt. "So, the overflow definitely affects the residents a bit,”

He says he hopes there will be a fair solution in the future.

“We don’t want to keep anybody off of the river," said Reysenbolt. "They’re just here to have fun just like anybody else is.”

Koberg is also hoping for an amicable solution.

“What we're really hopeful for is that people, you know, are Boise kind and nice and friendly and understanding of the situation," said Koberg. "Everybody loves to float the Boise River. You know, we welcome everyone who wants to come out here and experience this awesome Treasure Valley experience.”