Rebound Idaho: Reflecting on resources we're uncovering in this time of uncertainty

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 16:35:39-04

IDAHO — The Rebound Idaho has been our attempt to help Idaho get back on its feet.

That's why on Wednesday we partnered with the Virtual Idaho Career and Job Fair, hosted by IBL Events, where hundreds of job seekers met virtually with hiring managers.

Idaho News 6 reporter Madeline White got the chance to be interviewed by event organizers about why we feel it’s important for a newsroom to take on such a large subject.

“The Rebound initiative is a really great way to get the community involved, and hear the frustrations and the stories and what’s going on with the impact that we’re seeing across the state," said Nick Aldinger, co-owner of IBL Events. "Why does a news station want to take this on?”

“Yeah great question, Nick. Well I think that we’re in a unique position as journalists, to not only hold government agencies and powerful parties accountable, but also we can help spread awareness on information on resources that can really empower people during this time," said White.
for example — shed some light on the issues with the backlog of claims at Idaho Department of Labor.

From questions about benefits claims to information on using telehealth, our Rebound Idaho team is working to provide you with the resources you need to protect your bottom line during this time.

“Can you tell me a little bit about those other resources?”

“Yeah, so really what it comes down to is, 'What are the big expenses that Idahoans have right now?'" said White. "For a lot of people, it’s rent -- just making rent. So we’ve been highlighting a lot of nonprofits. St. Vincent de Paul for example, can come in with some cash assistance if you need it for making rent that month, or Jesse Tree -- is another great nonprofit here in the Treasure Valley that provides emergency eviction intervention for people who are at risk of eviction. They can help with that," said White.

"We’ve also looked at tips for dealing with car payments, and protecting your credit score, and the government-assisted resources as well, so the Idaho Rebound cash grant, the back-to-work bonus the governor introduced, and lending programs for small business owners as well," said White.

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Our work is far from over.

If you missed out on Wednesday's career fair event, click here watch to watch our full interview, as well as several other passionate speakers, and learn their tips on acing virtual interviews, finding jobs, and more.