Double Decker Espresso credits mobility for success during the pandemic

Mobile coffee shop literally towers above the rest
Posted at 9:14 AM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 14:01:09-04

CANYON COUNTY, Idaho — Double Decker Espresso is a coffee shop unlike any other you'll find around southwest Idaho! It's a bright red, two-story British bus that was turned into a coffee shop on wheels by Canyon County entrepreneurs Dustin and Angie Mori.

It offers a unique and cozy experience, as customers can climb aboard the 14-foot-tall bus, order a handcrafted latte or Americano on the bottom floor, then climb the stairs and settle in to enjoy a view on the second floor that's never the same two days in a row. "We don't get tired of what we do because it's new all the time," the Mori's told Idaho News 6.

The couple brought the bus from England to Idaho three years ago with the dream of crafting a family-owned and family-focused business, one that they could incorporate their kids into as they got older.

"That was really the main point of why we started it," says Angie. "So that we had something we could do together."

After doing a total overhaul of the bus, both inside and out, the double-decker was ready to hit the road, and now make stops all over southwest Idaho, offering handcrafted drinks made from beans Dustin roasts himself, along with homemade cinnamon rolls and sweet treats, plus unmatchable ambiance. "Take it up the stairs, sit down at a table, play some games, just enjoy the view of wherever we're at," says Angie.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the mobility of the coffee bus was a big benefit to helping keep the coffee flowing. Angie and Dustin say instead of setting up shop in business parking lots - many of which were temporarily shuttered due to COVID-19, they rolled into neighborhoods instead, catering to the abundance of people who suddenly found themselves working from home instead of the office.

The Mori's say while 2020 wasn't a record-setting sales year, they were grateful for the flexibility the mobile business offered and were able to come out unscathed and still smiling in 2021.

The coffee bus operates on a rotating schedule of where and when it makes stops throughout the week, so keeping an eye on their Facebook page is the best way to find out where they'll be setting up shop next. The bus is also available for corporate or private events, just reach out to them to learn more.